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As your astrologer, I am part counsel, part educator, and I meet you where you’re at.


I believe “the work” of healing is the work of relating.

Relational astrology is about connection, conversation, and care.

How do we sustainably hold ourselves and responsibly hold others amid the intersections of our oppressions, powers, and privileges?

An astrological practice gives us a framework to see ourselves more clearly, encourages compassion and resilience, essential for ourselves, for each other, and for the struggles of our worlds.

I want to help you learn the language, to ground you in the cycles and seasons, and show you the ways you can do it yourself.

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My Fave Review

“Pallas is an amazing astrologer with a keen, anti-oppressive analysis and therapeutic method. Pallas did an incredible reading for me, carefully explaining the very intricate parts of my chart that I didn’t understand, enthusiastically answering any questions and thinking about theories. Pallas delves deep into each person’s unique chart and life experience and actually cares an incredible amount about people’s life journeys. The extent to which Pallas cares is uncommon and so beautiful. That care plus Pallas’ extensive and complex knowledge makes for an amazing astrologer.”

– Kris, Pisces Sun/Aries Moon


What The People Say

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Sessions are available via video chat. Local sessions are available in Peterborough, Ontario from January until mid-April. If you are in Toronto, Montreal, anywhere along the Kingston-to-Windsor VIA Rail line, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Olympia, or Portland, let me know, I’ll be in your neighbourhood soon enough. May 22-28 I will be at NORWAC in Seattle. In the summer, I’ll be wandering around the UK. Calendar and locale availability will be updated closer to, email me in the meantime with any questions!

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