Rates & Offerings

All sessions are sliding scale.

Sliding scale rates encourage financial accessibility for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to astrological guidance and education. Those who are able to give at the top end of the scale subsidize those who need to give at the bottom.

Please use the booking calendar below and let’s get to work!

Alternative rate scales and barter/service trade arrangements available. Email me at pallaswands@gmail.com

First Time
  • What you've got / What you want
  • Where you're moving / Where you're stuck
  • Where you are / Where you wanna be
  • How to get there from here
  • 2ish hours
  • mp3 recording & relevant charts
Check in (for return folks)
  • What happened / What's happening
  • What's been goin on / What's goin on
  • What do you want / What do you wanna do now
  • 2ish hours
  • mp3 recording & relevant charts

Sessions are available via video chat. Local sessions are available in Peterborough, Ontario from January until mid-April. If you are in Toronto, Montreal, anywhere along the Kingston-to-Windsor VIA Rail line, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Olympia, or Portland, let me know, I’ll be in your neighbourhood soon enough. May 22-28 I will be at NORWAC in Seattle. In the summer, I’ll be wandering around the UK. Calendar and locale availability will be updated closer to, email me in the meantime with any questions!

To book time with me, find a date that works for you, then choose the type of session you’d like.

Sessions are a co-creative process where your questions, needs, desires, curiosities, knowledges collaborate with my own. Before the reading, I immerse myself in studying your charts, then the content of our conversation is guided by the here-and-now, how we’re feeling, what the sky is like that day, what’s on our minds, looking back and forward using astrological techniques, what you want to learn about and where you need to explore. It’s deep fun.

August 2019
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